[Exclusive] Back tire of Ladies Code car… low chance of it being a defect

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+2,641, -256] The conclusion is that it was the carelessness of the driver speeding… but I think it’s the car.

2. [+2,271, -242] Look at this media play from Hyundai… just admit it already!!

3. [+1,841, -183] Are journalists being paid by Hyundai to put out these articles? It wasn’t a coincidence that a Hyundai Starex randomly had its back tire pop out. Look at these other instances (link).

4. [+1,755, -113] The manager must think this is so ridiculous..

5. [+236, -24] So I guess Starexes without any defects randomly lose its back tires, huh…



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