Where have all the idol singers gone…?

Source: Mydaily via Naver

Article talks about how there are less idols on Chuseok specials this year compared to last year.

1. [+5,944, -62] They’re probably all overseas… I do like that they’re not doing the IAC this year

2. [+4,090, -46] I bet all of the idols are overseas. They can’t participate in Korean shows while they’re out of the country.

3. [+2,809, -531] So tired of idols

4. [+1,896, -213] I personally think we need to redefine the term idol. An idol is simply defined as someone who’s popular but Naver and other sites still refer to idols as ‘singers’. Let’s be real, does the public actually consider them singers? They don’t even work exclusively as singers. They’re now acting, on variety shows, and other activities that broaden their spectrum of work outside of just singing. If we continue to limit the definition of ‘idol’ to just ‘singer’, not only are we holding them back from their potential but also giving a disservice to the ‘real singers’ who spend years upon years producing an album.

5. [+265, -3] I’m personally glad they scrapped IAC this year. I wish they’d get rid of it altogether. Despite being an idol fan, I never wanted my idols on it.



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