[Naver: Star News] ‘Rommate’ Season 2, changed to ‘It’s okay roommate’

Season 2 will be different from season 1.
Park Sanghyuk PD: “Season 1 focused on showing how strangers lived in one house. Season 2 will be showing a more personal side. It will show how the members handle their insecurities and problems and their developments through it”
Since Park Bom, Lee Sora, Song Gayeon and Shin Sungwoo left, 7 members remain.
New members are expected to join the remaining 7 members for the second season.

1. [+11802, -120] It’s not ‘It’s okay, that’s love’ but ㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s okay roommate

2. [+9813, -249] The answer is just to take this show off air

3. [+8073, -207] Why isn’t this taken off air…?

4. [+6843, -119] No solution. Bet the PD will change too.

5. [+4936, -463] Park Bom won’t be coming on anymore so I wonder how she’s spending her time?

5. [+621, -11] It’s okay, stop it. .



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