Ladies Code Kwon Rise leaves the world on the morning of the 7th

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+659, -9] Rest in peace

2. [+557, -25] They weren’t a group that I had an interest in or anything but I wished so genuinely that she would get better… I feel so regretful that I didn’t give her my interest before… Why did I only find out these beautiful children only now.. Eunbi, Rise, I hope you’re happy without pain. It pains me to think of the other members and the pain they must be enduring. What to do.

3. [+513, -7] I thought she’d hold on and live but she couldn’t… So young, so many things she probably wanted to experience in the world.. I hope she rests comfortably without pain in the sky. Rest in peace..

Source: Naver

1. [+16,781, -114] Rest in peace. How sad.

2. [+12,028, -662] No….. This can’t be…. I’m reading this wrong, right?

3. [+10,349, -84] Rest in peace.

4. [+9,122, -86] Rest in peace..

5. [+1,760, -20] My heart just… dropped the minute I read thisㅠㅠ



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