‘Entertainment Relay’ Lee Byung Hun reps, “There is nothing special in the video used as blackmail”

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+12,388, -268] If there was nothing special, he would’ve revealed it already… Unless he thinks asking when someone lost their virginity is “nothing special”

2. [+9,414, -202] They demanded that much money over ‘nothing special’? Even if there really was nothing special, how does he think that he can bring in two young women to his house while his wife’s away overseas?

3. [+8,762, -145] Nothing special………..??

4. [+7,535, -112] I guess the video was much less than what Lee Byung Hun usually talks about with women

5. [+1,684, -23] The two women have had their jobs, names, and ages revealed all over the internet and he claims that the video is nothing special. No matter how dumb they are, they wouldn’t have demanded so much money over nothing special.

6. [+1,618, -17] If you’re so confident that it’s nothing special, release it.

7. [+1,463, -18] Why would they try to blackmail him over nothing special

8. [+1,462, -21] Either way, people have lost trust in you and your image is tarnished already..



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