Lee Byung Hun handwrites apology “My irresponsibility… I will work hard for my wife for the rest of my life”

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+1,894, -58] Those two women are weird but Lee Byung Hun’s just so disgusting for all these sexual scandals he constantly gets into. There’s a reason he’s called a pervert… he just looks disgusting to me as a person now.

2. [+1,698, -50] All talk and no action.. tsk tsk tsk. How embarrassing for Lee Min Jung. Live your life properly now that you’re married.

3. [+1,446, -62] The things I know about him are worse than what’s on the surface…

4. [+94, -0] He should’ve left the letter personally for Lee Min Jung and not the public… Mentioning his “loving wife” in a scandal like this is just.. disgusting.

5. [+92, -1] ?????? Lee Min Jung still wants to stay with him??… Okay..

Source: Naver

1. [+41,137, -780] Sigh… I feel bad for Lee Min Jung…

2. [+32,748, -991] This bastard’s lying again

3. [+29,911, -678] Lee Min Jung’s the victim in all this, sigh

4. [+28,127, -679] How poetic is he with his words? He claims he’s only going to live by breathing so much so that his heart and mind can’t function… I guess it’s his way with words and his handsome looks that he gets to sleep around with young girls like that.

5. [+5,824, -87] Can’t imagine how miserable Lee Min Jung must be feeling to have her husband’s affair broadcast to the entire country like this. It’s a difficult situation for even married couples with decades together and Lee Min Jung’s only in her newled year. I’d divorce him~ There’s no way you can fix a man who’s this obsessed with sex.



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