[Exclusive] ‘Running Man’ to go on a 5 country Asia tour… Solidifies position as Hallyu variety show

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+2,049, -38] Even if they don’t get the best viewer ratings, they’re unrivaled in Asia… I wish they’d go back to the hide and seek tag with bells, PD-nim.

2. [+1,766, -42] I wish they’d go back to the name tag chase instead of all these weird games with the guests…

3. [+1,581, -24] When are they going back to the name tag chase… Why won’t they? It was the best part of the show

4. [+1,054, -65] Wow, amazing.. a fan meeting? Asia’s prince Lee Kwangsoo is of course the trend. The show’s become representative of SBS. I hope they’re long running like Infinity Challenge~

5. [+905, -26] Dang, five countries

6. [+137, -8] Running Man may be popular overseas but it’s dying in Korea… The critical staff members of the show are off helping ‘Running Man China’ leaving Korea’s version to fail along with its viewer ratings. I don’t think SBS realizes what should be prioritized here.

7. [+79, -0] I wish the scriptwriters would come up with more creative games and better guests… I’m not even asking for big name stars, but guests who are entertaining…

8. [+83, -7] I only ever watched the name tag chase… Please bring that back ㅠ



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