‘Wife assault’ actor Ryu Shi Won’s 7 million won fined confirmed

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

For installing a location tracking device in his wife’s car and cell phone and beating her up when confronted about it.

1. [+5,263, -64] Let’s be real, 7 million won is nothing to these guys ㅡㅡ

2. [+4,652, -72] Hyun Joong: Hyung, wait up for me for investigations

3. [+3,588, -83] I know a guy like him. Once a man puts his hand on a woman, it’s a habit that never gets fixed

4. [+2,954, -53] What a pathetic life he’s putting so much effort into

5. [+2,141, -39] He’s got nothing but money though…

6. [+752, -18] Ryu Shi Won, Seo Se Won, and Kim Hyun Joong should make a club later~

7. [+567, -20] Kim Hyun Joong: Should’ve aimed for the rib cage…

8. [+550, -47] So unmanly of him to constantly appeal decisions instead of admitting to his fault. She’s not only his ex-wife but the mother of his child and he’s making her reveal even her surgery marks to prove herself…

9. [+429, -15] I can’t believe there are this many celebrities who beat women

10. [+347, -12] Breaking news: Seo Se Won, Ryu Shi Won, and Kim Hyun Joong form a project group

11. [+323, -5] 7 million won ㅋㅋㅋ I bet his lawyers cost more than that

12. [+321, -14] Him and Kim Hyun Joong should fight each other instead of beating women

13. [+197, -6] They’re really going to let this go off of money ㅋ Daebak, as if 7 million won means anything to him



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