SISTAR wins #1 on ‘M! Countdown’… mourning instead of joy “We’ll pray until the end”

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+8,855, -130] Even though they mentioned it yesterday, I think it’s right that they keep saying it, especially since their dancers worked with Ladies Code as well. Congratulations on your #1.

2. [+6,643, -56] Praying for RiSae to wake up! Congratulations on your #1, SISTAR!

3. [+5,456, -178] How kind of them… amazing!

4. [+4,908, -88] That was kind of them to do that. RiSae, please wake up to a speedy recovery!

5. [+4,430, -34] Find strength, Ladies Code!

6. [+349, -12] Bora cried yesterday as well.. I hope that her feelings are delivered to Ladies Code and they can find strength.

7. [+307, -6] Entertainment CEOs… please pay more attention to the types of cars you buy. The safety of your employees depend on it.. What did Ladies Code do to deserve this… Wishing the members a speedy recovery.

8. [+271, -14] Heard there was a high chance that RiSae would actually end up in vegetative state… I hope that a miracle happens and she wakes up healthy again..



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