One celebrity’s tweet who isn’t pleased with Ladies Code at #1

Taewoon: Leave sympathy as sympathy… Something nonsensical is happening because people are so caught up in their emotions. Is this really what’s best for them… It makes me angry… Interest is all the more beautiful when it’s given when they exist… Why now;;.. Please.. just let her go peacefully.”

After deleting the tweet: “They say the one with his mouth shut at least hits average. Let’s keep it shut.”

“As a peer, I apologize for the wrong way in which I expressed my upset feelings. I sincerely pray for her speedy recovery. Lastly, may she rest in peace…”

1. [+226, -8] It’s because you have a mentality like that that you’re not getting anywhere. Who does he think he is to say something like that? Block B’s Jaehyo even asked his fans to stream the song to help Ladies Code win #1, what is Taewoon doing? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was Eunbi’s wish;

2. [+220, -20] What he said isn’t right. You can’t control who gets interest in the music industry, who knew that this would happen to Ladies Code? What’s so wrong with helping her achieve a dream she had while living? Would he rather that people act as if nothing happened and quietly continue living life? There’s always a kid who thinks like him.

3. [+162, -45] He’s not wrong but he should’ve written that in a personal diary. People are choosing to mourn in different ways and there’s no reason for him to interpret it so negatively. I don’t get why he’s putting that on SNS;



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