Ladies Code reps, “RiSae hasn’t had consciousness for three days… Sojung to go into surgery today”

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+4,943, -64] I wish for the same miracle granted to Kyuhyun to RiSae as well..

2. [+3,0077, -97] Eunbi’s wish came true (#1 on the charts)… she saw her wish and left happily.. I know that Eunbi will protect RiSae… Especially with a mother who still has the mind to console the other members after losing her own member. I really admire her as a mother, genuinely… I pray for Eunbi’s happiness in heaven. Please watch over your mother..

3. [+3,174, -234] God, please grant a miracle.

4. [+2,700, -562] Although I understand their decision not to tell Sojung, I also feel like she should at least be there for Eunbi’s last road on earth.. Her member’s leaving today.. how’re they going to let her deal with the guilt of not being there with her until the end? It might be harder on Sojung… Especially being in the same hospital.

5. [+1,966, -34] She needs to regain consciousness;;;;;;;;



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