YG trainee Jung Jin Hyung’s past

1. [+131, -8] Pisses me off. What’s wrong with keeping the original members? Why put them through another survival? The B team members have been with each other for so long… they got so close after going through the first survival together. I really didn’t want a member change.. I hope that the trainee pictured above doesn’t join.

2. [+120, -3] Yang Psychopath, as if debuting them as IKON doesn’t piss me off already, I can’t believe he’s putting Yoonhyung, Donghyuk, and Junhee in another survival. He’s the one who said B team has the best teamwork and look at him ruining that ^^

3. [+112, -7] I miss the original B team

4. [+44, -0] They’re perfect the way they are (as original 6)

5. [+32, -0] This sucks ㅠㅠ I waited for so long for B team’s debut, knowing that their debut would be postponed the longer Winner’s was… I wanted to see all six on stage but what? Another survival? I had no idea three would be left out.. Makes me cry.

Source: Naver

1. [+4,675, -115] One of the new trainees, the ’97er Jung Jinhyung… Stories of him beating and torturing kids as well as pictures of himself smoking are surfacing alone.. Don’t pull a Yook Jidam or Song Yoobin by pretending to be hurt over the hateful comments and pull him out while you can. This isn’t something to solve by saying he’s not like that anymore and that he’s reflecting. His past isn’t something that happened a decade ago but 1-2 years, even months ago… people don’t change that fast. If his dream was to become a celebrity, he should’ve known to have a clean and healthy school life. In a world like today where everything’s on the internet and SNS, you can’t hide forever.



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