Pann: The reason why Victoria gets another manager when she goes to China for her promotions


1. [+154, -7] Because she’s so pretty and she has good personalities… Because she’s different from nugu-ssi who left for a Chinese company and nugu-yang who wants to be an actress over the members she worked with for 5 years

2. [+128, -4] China’s miracle, China’s goddess. Victoria is really pretty but she gets buried by Krystal and Sulli… Victoria didn’t get plastic surgery and she’s so pretty. Her pre-debut is even prettier… Why don’t people know this

3. [+111, -3] She has a different mentality from non-celebrities. I really like Victoria, too~ I hope she hits more daebaks in China ^^

4. [+24, -0] After WWF and Sulli incidents in SM, I learned that Victoria is the loyal one. I’m not trying to side WWF but who wouldn’t be attempted if their own country suggests a solo offer with lots of money? The steps were too shameful though. So I think Victoria is amazing in that espect. Just like China’s land, their industry is extremely big. It’ll take no time to earn tons if you get popular there. No wonder why SM sends their artists to China all the time. Honestly Vic doesn’t get special special treatment as a leader and f(x) as a group doesn’t really do much promotions. Maknae 94 line Sulli fans and Krystal fans are not getting along with each other, so they’re busy fighting over who’s prettier. Meanwhile, Sulli also chose to go on a wrong path so f(x) had no promotions recently. Seeing how she talked to the members on J&K, it looked so hard to work in other country. Do you really think she wouldn’t want to end her meaningless group and return to her own country? If the company has the time to take care of Sulli, they should take care of Vic and other members first. They should be good to the kids who are there

5. [+23, -0] It must be hard for her to work in Korea. How she doesn’t take offers from the other companies is amazing… Victoria hwaiting!!!

6. [+12, -0] I saw f(x) very closely. Honestly I like Krystal but Victoria was the prettiest. Krystal and Sulli were really pretty but I kept looking at Victoria. The camera can’t show her full beauty, so pretty ㅠㅠ

7. [+12, -1] Victoria is pretty too. It’s not right to get her looks buried by Krystal… She’s so pretty

8. [+10, -0] Meanwhile, a same group member Sulli’s mentality is tsk tsk



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