Netizens choose Lee Seung Gi as the #1 CF model of August

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+2,229, -252] He just has such an upright image. Careful with his dating, always putting others before himself.. Look at how respectful he is to other senior celebrities. There’s nothing fake about it.

2. [+1,845, -168] He’s been in the top 3 for several years now..

3. [+1,687, -169] It’s because he shows that he’s not only talented as a celebrity, but exudes a sense of trust with his actions and words.. No wonder he’s had such a longstanding career at the top.

4. [+219, -61] I think it’s because his face and what we know about his character shows that he’s someone we can trust, and therefore we can trust the product he’s selling. He’s a likable celebrity.

5. [+212, -57] He’s been #1 for a while now and has maintained it till today~~

6. [+204, -59] What wouldn’t you be able to trust about Lee Seung Gi.. Wishing him luck on his movie.



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