Ladies’ Code Eun B’s death, the car’s condition is…


1. [+768, -11] This is so sudden. She suddenly died while working as a celebrity at a young age… Imagine how her parents feel

2. [+692, -33] Grand starex cars have 2 point seat belts and we can’t even tighten them. If a grand starex car flips and you’re sitting at the back of the front seat, it’ll be extremely critical. The ones that are exported overseas have 3 point seat belts. The domestic cars with 2 point seat belts were also a big reason of the death

3. [+433, -8] Death??? Hul… At such a young age…

Article 2

1. [+411, -24] That grand starex is said to be the trashiest work of the brand. Years ago, university students were in the same kind of car and it flipped a bit on grass. The roof of the car ripped hard and 6 students died. The car is a definition of a weapon resulted by using cheap materials. It should never be ridden by celebrities or children. If it gets into an accident, it totally destroys itself. If it was a starcraft van, it would’ve been different. They might’ve been seriously injured but they wouldn’t have died or get into a critical condition. This is very unfortunate. Seeing how an innocent person can face a sudden death, it darkens my feelings. I have nothing to say. I can only pray for the dead and hope for the injured ones. Never buy the starex. It’s a total trash that can’t even be exported

2. [+316, -4] It’s so unfortunate how they had to drive fast with a normal van. How the girls got into a wrong situation… I hope the injured members recover…

3. [+176, -3] This is very unfortunate. They’re at the age of being as beautiful as flowers. Rest in peace. I wish for quick recovery for the injured ones

4. [+19, -2] Red Velvet debuted less then two months ago but they use a celebrity van. Ladies’ Code debuted a year ago but their company doesn’t take care of them? What’s with this trashy, domestic van they used?



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