Kim Hyun Joong heads home after finishing investigations, “Only admits to a portion of the assault accusations”

Source: Star News via Nate

Confirmed that he assaulted her but denied it being habitual and her rib cage fracture. Only admitted to 1 out of the 4 accused instances, the one instance being a physical fight that broke out when they were breaking up.

Regarding the rib fracture, he claimed it happened while fooling around and that he had no idea she was even injured.

1. [+74, -7] Not only is he a coward but a dishonest one that… Seems Korean celebrities start off by denying everything even when their crime is so blatantly obvious. If he didn’t want what he worked so hard to build to shatter like this, he should’ve acted like a person of a top level too.

2. [+29, -2] I don’t know why people bother voting down comments that shouldn’t have downvotes

3. [+27, -5] He’s a professional liar. He won’t wake up until he’s met with the consequences.

4. [+16, -5] I don’t care how investigations turn out, I want him exiled from the industry for good along with broadcast bans. No man should be allowed to get away with beating a woman that hard.

5. [+13, -6] The fact that he hit her even once is a problem, not whether or not it was habitual.

6. [+10, -1] He should just cleanly admit his fault… Whether he hit her once or twice doesn’t matter, he committed assault…



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