Instiz: Son Heung Min’s aunt “Son Heung Min and Minah are not dating… stupid idiot”

Son Heung Min’s aunt’s instagram:

Friend: “Hul daebak! They don’t even contact each other but the articles keep coming out? Heung Min must be really frustrated…”

Aunt: “Yeah. Didn’t I tell you? It’s frustrating everyday ㅋㅋ It’s all his destiny. He’s stupid and an idiot ㅋㅋ

Friend: “I think he’d be frustrated when he exercises because the articles keep coming out… But why is the woman (Minah) not denying it when they’re not even dating? People will misunderstand this~”

Aunt: “Maybe they have a reason ㅠㅠ This is Min’s fault for sure. That stupid idiot. He should’ve dealt it well.”

Friend: “Heung Min should just focus on soccer!! Heung Min hwaiting!”

Friend 2: “This must be freaking frustrating. Companies are so smart…”

Aunt: “Yeah they’re all smart. Min was stupid and he’s reflecting now ㅋ”


– Soccer fans have noticed it already. They unfollowed each other

– Why did she say this on a public place like that… Well it looks like she intended it in some ways…

– Soccer fans sort of knew the overall situation… They were about to go out but it didn’t end well

– I think they were at flirtation before beginning to go out but they “broke up” because articles broke out



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