[Interview] Red Velvet reveals life as an SM trainee. Difficult to meet seniors

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,006, -259] My personal opinion but I don’t think they’ll be all that popular

2. [+982, -448] Goosebumps;; they’re like quadruplets. Look at how none of their faces have anything unique about it;;

3. [+751, -243] I’m sorry but there are way too many strong female idol groups lately. They feel like CSJH or f(x), not this or that and just quietly disappear…

4. [+598, -148] Happiness!~ That’s all I hear in that song.

5. [+582, -170] Gotta give it to SM for their media play

6. [+393, -134] Are they quadruplets or patients of the same clinic?

7. [+286, -46] For SM’s first rookie in five years, they fell short of expectations. Below average song with a concept that looks straight out of an elementary school talent show. They don’t look any different from the other girl groups already out there.

8. [+302, -64] I’ve never seen girl groups from smaller agencies like Tiny-G get a main feature article on Naver, but of course Red Velvet… If only articles would be featured in variety. For smaller groups, even getting a slot on a music show is as hard as picking a star out of the sky, nevermind interviews like this. Must suck for the other girl groups.



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