Henry and SM’s ‘stranger to culture’ act, the reason it’s tiring

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Editorial type article how Henry’s act of not knowing Korean culture and famous people like Yoon Jong Shin on variety shows is starting to get old.

1. [+573, -190] Expecting a foreigner to know everything about Korean culture just because they live and work in Korea is a form of cultural violence.

2. [+396, -114] What is the journalist saying, I thought he’s funny

3. [+349, -113] He has a clear soul, I like him ㅎㅎ

4. [+38, -18] Why does Henry have to act like a Korean? Why does he have to know who Yoon Jong Shin is? As a foreigner, he’s never acted out of line or without respect. He’s always been just enough funny where his lack of knowledge was acceptable. (Even if it is an act), SM is smart because look how popular he is now among all of the other foreign idols that are in the market.

5. [+37, -12] Seems the journalist doesn’t like SM or Henry

6. [+33, -9] It’s not really tiring… Journalists need to stop talking as if their personal opinions represent the sentiment of the entire public and media. Now that’s what I call tiring.

7. [+19, -7] Do you know kimchi? Do you know Kim Yuna? Do you know bulgogi? Do you know Yoon Jong Shin?? Wake up guys, who cares if people don’t know these things. Since when did Yoon Jong Shin being a music composer have to become common knowledge? How about we fix the journalism system and get some real journalists around here.

8. [+17, -15] Fools, the point of the article is about Henry’s milking his image when it was only fun the first few months. Cultural violence? How is not knowing Yoon Jong Shin, a great senior of the music industry, something to be proud of? Wasn’t Henry on Radio Star? He obviously acted like he didn’t know him when he did and if that isn’t milking his dumb image, I don’t know what is tsk tsk tsk. The best replies either didn’t read the actual article or are blindly shielding him as fans.

9. [+16, -3] That’s an episode from so long ago… Henry didn’t even know who Yoo Jae Suk or Park Myung Soo was last year and that’s understandable if you don’t watch TV often. You’re all really trying to hate on him for not knowing a single Korean celebrity?

10. [+14, -5] Talk about grasping for straws here… ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+13, -7] I wonder if an article like this would’ve been written if Henry had been white

12. [+12, -6] There are a lot of Koreans who don’t know Korean celebrities… heck, people who don’t even watch Real Men don’t know who Henry is… What a weird thing to target someone for…



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