Park Ji Yoon “The victims of iljins must hate seeing them on TV”

Source: Newsen via Nate

“Iljin rumors are an extremely sensitive issue. To the victims, it’s a wound that can’t be erased. I would hate it if someone who tortured me was laughing and getting attention on TV.”

1. [+2,309, -13] Wise words!!

2. [+2,081, -10] She’s right… I would so, so, so, so hate seeing someone who bullied me on TV one day ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1,917, -10] It’s true… What goes around will come around, though. Doesn’t matter whether they regret it later and cry about it.

4. [+155, -2] There’s a weird phenomenon going on online right now, and it’s about fans who shield their favorite stars just because they’ve ‘reflected’. Reflection is a basic act of human decency, not an end all to all of the scandals they’ve committed. When someone commits a crime, it is not up to you to forgive them but the victim and whoever else has the right to. Reflection = forgiven? There is no such rule. For a celebrity who lives off of the interest and love of the public, it is only the victim and the public who can forgive him. I feel bad for the kids who shield their stars talking about reflection and how the public doesn’t have the right to hate them. Just proves how dumb they are.

5. [+131, -0] It disgusts me to see iljins forgive themselves and act like they didn’t do anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+117, -5] It’s shocking to me how often I see shields like, “So who hasn’t smoked or drank in school?”, “You’re being too harsh to someone who’s working hard”, “She/he’s pretty, what’s it matter”

7. [+110, -17] After School, T-ara, SISTAR… you reading this?

8. [+102, -0] When iljins say they regret their actions, they only mean that it’s a part of their past they want to erase. They’re not sorry at all to the victims. People don’t change so easily… reflecting and regretting your actions are not easy. It’s not something everyone can do.

9. [+81, -3] I want to show this to SISTAR and Park Boram ㅎㅎ Especially Dasom, who dumped her friend’s lunch tray and beat her

10. [+77, -0] The reason iljin bastards get so much hate is that they ruined someone else’s life and are still out on TV laughing like nothing happened. Then when their past is revealed, they never apologize to the victims and only talk about how they’ve reflected and have matured. They forgive themselves when the victim never forgave them.



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