Sulli not attending ‘Fashion King’ promotions “But she’s the lead…”

Source: Sports Donga via Daum

1. [+1,236, -22] Too much has already been affected with fans and between reps on top of the damage done to her image for anything more to be resolved. She should just leave the industry and live with Choiza doing what she wants. Enough with harming the other members… Then maybe she can come out on a TV show in a few years and cry about how hard she had it. It’s all it takes.

2. [+1,011, -16] I understand what Sulli’s going through but I feel bad for the producers. They probably wouldn’t have chosen her for the lead if they knew this would happen.

3. [+345, -5] But really, why is she on hiatus? She’s not sick… is it because of the dating rumors? People already know, why is she being such a baby about it ㅡㅡ She’s too worried about her own emotions to realize how much her irresponsibility is affecting everyone else. Sulli, you’re not a child anymore.

4. [+302, -1] How can she be so irresponsible? Dating’s a private matter but she’s not even attending promotions for a movie she’s a lead in? Sure she’s on hiatus but she filmed the movie before her hiatus and she has a duty to follow through with it until the end. I get that society forgives the beautiful but she gets everything handed to her too easily.

5. [+268, -4] She’s probably still off with Choiza somewhere on a date~ Took time off f(x) promotions because she had it hard while going on dates to the beach~ What a nuisance. She’s not simply getting hate for just dating, you know.


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