[Naver: TV Report]” THE Taetiseo” first episode, the Taetiseo’s story that we didn’t know of

1. [+729, -118] “I don’t feel like popularity is something that is expected or definite. It’s something to be grateful for and we receive so much of the love that people dream of having. Because of that aspect, I’m always thankful” -I really like these words

2. [+693, -114] The fact that SNSD stayed together with all 9 members is amazing.. it’s not easy with 9 girls…hope they turn into a lasting idol like Shinhwa..

3. [+653, -85] Tiffany seems to have a nice personality, but like what Taeyeon said, she might come off as too excessive.. anyways, she seems like someone that you would want to be friends with

4. [+577, -63] Seohyun is actually really funnyㅋㅋㅋ She changes so much when she hangs out with her unnisㅋㅋ

5. [+617, -187] If we’re just talking about Korea’s idol groups’ career as a whole, no one beats Soshi; they’re just at the top. Even if you look down on their songs or company, you can never belittle them of what they have done in their career. Also, I don’t know about anything else, but their team play is really amazing

6. [+155, -26] I watched it yesterday and it was fun ㅎㅋIt was nice seeing them looking so close with each otherㅎㅋ also, Seohyun’s words ㄷㄷI liked it ㅎTaetiseo is jjang ^_^♥Taetiseo do well^_^♥

7. [+176, -55] It was fun yesterday so why is there so many negative comments on the other article on the main page….it’s such a shame because it seems like Soshi is getting as much hate as Park Bom.

8. [+138, -19] It was so funny when Seohyun used informal speech towards her unnisㅎ

9. [+130, -17] This show has the same PD as the program with Jessica&Krystal so it’s a bit cringe-worthy. Please just take out the narrationsㅋ

10. [+140, -27] It’s really been a while seeing Taetiseo. Really looking forward to their new song.



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