Winner “YG the company of dreams? A place as scary as the jungle”

Source: Starin via Nate

1. [+432, -73] No need for more words if even an iljin considers the place scary

2. [+384, -54] Scary artists, scary media play

3. [+277, -44] The company’s like a mob connected with the government alright

4. [+293, -171] YG artists are practically all out of a gang… added a Japanese right-wind model to the list as of yesterday.

5. [+37, -14] Of course YG is like heaven! Isn’t that the #1 company trainees try to get into? Just imagine debuting, you can do anything you want. Look at what Park Bom was able to do with all that lobbying. Now her drug scandal is nowhere to be found and she’s promoting just fine.

Source: Naver

1. [+1,764, -253] Reminds me of the phrase surviving is winning. They survived the battle royale that was the jungle and are now the winners. Let’s not credit the jungle to them being or looking strong.

2. [+1,529, -304] But Winner’s a group more talented than I thought, can’t hate on them for being idols

3. [+1,252, -199] It’s amazing how far up they’ve come after surviving it all. Their company has issues but they’ve definitely got the talent. Winner fighting.

4. [+1,192, -162] I think I remember saying even Kang Seung Yoon who usually has a strong head on his shoulders felt briefly lost in YG. After some face to face talking with Yang Hyun Suk, he realized what he needed to do. I remember reading that in his solo interview last year.

5. [+890, -84] Yang CEO likes survivals too much. I feel bad for the trainees but it does hone their talents more since they have to work to survive.



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