‘Suspected assault’ Kim Hyun Joong, his three different claims from girlfriend A

Source: OSEN via Naver

Summary of the differences in the two statements released by Kim Hyun Joong and his girlfriend.

Dated for two years vs Recently began dating
Broke a rib from assault vs Broke a rib while fooling around
Habitaul assault vs One physical fight

1. [+12,824, -377] Why are there absolutely no articles about Han Hyo Joo’s dongseng??? Please write some up

2. [+11,241, -211] Kim Hyun Joong, Song Hye Gyo, Han Hyo Joo.. the three hottest stars lately..

3. [+9,791, -196] Kim Hyun Joong and that Han Hyo Joo special on the TV documentary… what a scary world we’re living in.

4. [+6,391, -566] I really don’t want to see him again.. He’s the type of guy that will start beating his kids once he gets married and has kids

5. [+1,329, -39] It doesn’t matter whether they dated for years or months, the fact of the matter is that they were in an official relationship. And just because he hit her once doesn’t make it okay. The fact that he could beat a woman that hard shows that he clearly has issues.



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