Aftermath of Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend assault… a blow to his Hallyu events

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

World tour and ‘Inspiring Generation’ promotions are affected. Agency says he will go into reflection once everything is resolved, but events cannot be canceled due to contracts and promises to international fans.

1. [+2,495, -77] What goes around comes around tsk tsk

2. [+2,374, -54] It scares me to think that he beat her with that expression in the picture

3. [+1,723, -57] Farewell, byeeeeeeeeeeee

4. [+1,601, -57] Go into reflection…..

5. [+1,223, -100] What happened to Jihoo sunbae…

6. [+299, -5] Even men don’t fool around with each other to the point of knocking a rib out, what a prankster you must be Kim Hyun Joong-ssi



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