Taeyeon again gets into an attitude controversy

Full article:

Taeyeon, who was beautiful during the photo time only, is getting saddened responses.

“My sincerity controversy? I want to ask you back what kind of sincerity you’re talking about.”

SNSD unit TaeTiSeo’s Tiffany and Seohyun looked at Taeyeon with flustered looks, but she kept staring at the reporter for the answer.

Not just Taeyeon, but Tiffany, who is in a relationship with Nichkhun, was also present and got a lot of spotlight.

But Taeyeon’s bad attitude and her effortless answers killed the hot atmosphere of the interview.

It started with a reporter’s question “there was a controversy of your sincerity after a scandal with Baekhyun. Are you pressured with this show?”

Taeyeon thought for a moment with an uncomfortable face and asked the reporter back sharply.

She kept staring at him until the microphone was passed back to the reporter.

There was a silent fight for five seconds.

The reporter replied, “please answer about the pressure you have” and her confident face turned blank.

After this, Taeyeon’s facial expression was blank and annoyed, which made the staff uncomfortable.

She gave effortless answers to many questions and gave short answers sometimes.

Tiffany answered, “I think we could show more of our professional side than the reality shows we filmed in our 10s and early 20s.” (Taeyeon’s) attitude did not match with Tiffany.

The reporters whispered, “I think she really doesn’t want to do it.”

She’s experienced for 8 years, she’s a very big senior as an idol but her bad attitude lacked to get the “pro” title.

Taeyeon was beautiful during the photo time only. All the reporters and staff would want her to remember a saying of ‘the more the rice ripens, the more it bows its head’


1. [+322, -528] Didn’t the reporter write this maliciously? What’s with the random “insincerity”? Is it wrong to ask what kind of insincerity they’re asking?

2. [+294, -504] This is obviously the reporter’s fault? Why is the reporter asking this kind of question when it’s a reality show? And I heard that this article is written by the reporter who asked it? I saw other reporters’ Twitters and they said the atmosphere was good. Did that reporter go to another one? What facial expressions? I guess she has to be laughing for the entire interview

3. [+271, -458] The reporter should ask a question about the show. The trashy reporter’s level

4. [+191, -55] The reporter is at fault for asking it but Taeyeon also has no solutions

5. [+163, -26] Did she really not expect to get that kind of questions?

6. [+139, -18] Taeyeon has 8 years of experience, she should learn to be smart. She could’ve just passed it smoothly. It’s unfortunate because she’s doing it wrong… Of course the interview is hurtful for her, but celebrities are all about how they’re shown. She should learn to deal with interviews and broadcast

7. [+125, -24] Even if a reporter said such a thing, she should know how to pass it wittily. She’s not even a kid, is she really a celebrity? She doesn’t care anymore because she’s so used to getting praises

8. [+114, -53] You want go on dates with Baekhyum but you still have to earn money, right? It’ll not even be enough if she’s being good. Does she really think it’s gonna make her look good to do victim-playing?

9. [+109, -20] I don’t think the reporter asked maliciously. I think it was just a question, I don’t understand why she reacted coldly. She could’ve just laughed it off. Anyways, be happy Baekhyun and Taeyeon

10. [+99, -13] She has the most controversies in SNSD



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