Pann: SM & YG & JYP company

SM Entertainment

1. The artists are like a family
2. A lot of them are pretty and handsome
3. A lot of good dancers. Most idol dancers are in SM. Out of all companies, no one can beat SM’s choreo and perf. (BoA, Yunho, Eunhyuk, Hyoyeon, Taemin, Kai)
4. Good singers. (Yesung, Taeyeon, Jonghyun, Onew, Luna, Chen, Baekhyun, D.O, etc)
5. Amazing projects

What they lack: rapping

YG Entertainment

1. They look the most free in Big 3
2. A lot of good rappers
3. Good composers (G-Dragon, Tablo, etc)
4. Unique
5. The artists are close

What they lack: visuals

JYP Entertainment

1. You can tell if a song is from JYP (There’s “JYP” whisper in their songs)
2. Good singing with half sound and half air
3. Cool performances from male idols (2PM, Got7)
4. Good singers (Sunye, Yeeun, Changmin, Jokwon, Baek Yerin, etc)
5. The artists are close

What they lack: rapping


Looks: SM>JYP>YG
Singing: SM=JYP>YG
Rapping: YG>SM=JYP
Dancing: SM>JYP>YG
Overall performance: SM>YG>JYP


1. [+174, -12] From a non-fan’s perspective, SM is looks, YG is hip-hop and JYP is dance

2. [+173, -37] Honestly I don’t like SM and YG because they cause a lot of trouble. JYP’s management sucks but they’re the finest. Their casting is so-so but they educate them well afterwards. SM’s getting into controversies these days and their issues are not just about idols. YG’s issues are just so huge. JYP has the least scandals and they have good singers. JYP picks trainees who are naturally good but SM educates them, like how Taemin couldn’t sing in the back then but now he can. YG is mostly about rapping… So I think JYP is more family-like with the least scandals

3. [+162, -115] SM’s looks are getting worse because they start to look plastic. I wish YG would start caring about looks. JYP picks natural beauties so they’re my type

4. [+96, -79] I think this is written by an SM fan. YG kids are talented

5. [+87, -38] I don’t understand when people say YG is talented. It’s my personal thoughts, but I think YG’s music is only understood by themselves

6. [+79, -1] To pick their flaws, SM should improve rapping, YG should stop getting into scandals, and JYP should let their talented kids promote at a bigger field

7. [+58, -10] Honestly the three companies have the same amount of vocals but people think SM is the worst ㅋㅋ SM was never excluded when best idol dancers were ranked

8. [+56, -4] This is praising SM too much, JYP is more family-like. They’re even close with the producers and are like hyungs and oppars

9. [+52, -41] I get so dumbfounded when I hear SM is not talented… Top singers are all in SM and the top male idol is Kim Junsu. Taeyeon is always ranked the highest. Honestly SM is talented

10. [+47, -37] You’re a SJ fan + EXO fan. Who admits Ryeowook, D.O and Baekhyun as good singers when there are Tiffany, Seohyuh, Onew, and Changmin? These kids are the good ones

11. [+46, -12] At an SM concert, they date. At a YG concert, they perform. At a JYP concert, we watch Suzy



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