Pann: Iljin celebrities dominate the digital chart

1. Danger – Taemin
2. Empty – Winner
3. Beautiful – Park Boram
4. My Copycat – Orange Caramel
5. Mamma Mia – Kara
6. It’s OK, It’s Love – Davichi
7. Goodbye My Love – Ailee
8. Sleepless Night – Crush
9. Touch My Body – Sistar
10. Coloring – Winner

(Not #1, #7, and #8)

Nana: “I don’t regret playing around in high school… it’s only a past”


1. [+353, -26] I live in Chuncheon and I confirm Park Boram for sure ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She was a big iljin

2. [+346, -15] If it doesn’t matter because “it’s only a past”, then might as well release the murderers and rapists

3. [+164, -2] Is it cool to confidentially admit? Isn’t it being shameless?

4. [+121, -17] The Winner guy is getting so much hate. Just how bad was he to be forced to transfer schools… Fans should admit what they should and we shouldn’t defend or hate on the guy unless he apologizes himself

5. [+119, -2] The victims are the only pitiful ones…

6. [+115, -1] I freaking hate how those iljins can get into universities through special entrance

7. [+115, -1] It doesn’t matter if iljins drink alcohol or smoke because they’re only screwing up their own lives. Oh they’re still against laws… but I thank them because they’re getting lower grades than me. But the biggest problem is that they bully others and take money

8. [+109, -94] Woah Taemin’s Danger is #1!!! Which chart is that? I’m touched ㅠㅠ

9. [+103, -13] Folks, YG did a miracle again ^^ There were top Panns that wrote about Nam Taehyun’s iljin proofs but they suddenly got taken down from the top Panns~ How far will you go, YG?

10. [+92, -1] It’s only a past for you. Look at her bravery to speak such a thing without considering the victims



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