Sulli does not attend ‘SM Town’… f(x) moves forward as four members with choreography changes

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+19,844, -1,477] And Sulli remains a nuisance to the very end. Fighting to Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal~~~

2. [+18,230, -947] Have it your way, Sulli. I honestly don’t know why you’re making the other members suffer like this.

3. [+12,519, -931] Choiza, you baaaaastard!

4. [+8,709, -339] Hul?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?

5. [+4,305, -181] Sulli just needs to leave… There’s no point in keeping her in the group when she so clearly doesn’t want to be in it. They’re fine without her so just change the members to four.

6. [+3,303, -104] She’s all over someone else’s Instagram while skipping out on SM’s concert… I bet f(x) fans are tired of Sulli now…

7. [+3,281, -147] To put it into perspective how unfair Sulli’s being, it’s like working on a group project at school with a kid like Sulli but she randomly disappears so you and your group have to finish the project including her work while she still gets credit for it even though she didn’t even attend presentation day. Disgusting.

8. [+2,833, -89] If you don’t want to be a celebrity, quit now and look for another job. You’re still young, you can do it.

9. [+2,672, -74] She was never sick to begin with…

10. [+2,200, -51] I bet Kim Heechul left ‘War of Words’ because he knows something huge is going to come out of SM and that something is probably Sulli

Source: Nate

1. [+1,121, -29] Sulli should stop hindering the team and leave… Leave and go into acting like she’s wanted to all along.

2. [+970, -22] I wish the four of them more, more, more, more success! I feel bad for the remaining members and fans.

3. [+897, -21] Does Sulli really believe that her life is worth trading for Choiza?

4. [+71, -7] She can just go and get married to Choiza like Sunye did

5. [+71, -7] Kick Sulli out and add Gaeko to the group



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