‘SM Town’ Leeteuk, “I wanted to greet you so badly” breaks out in tears… members ‘tease’ him

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+7,542, -557] With as much hardships as he’s suffered, I hope he’s only met with good things from here on out. Don’t forget that you have fans who support you. I’ll be hoping for a daebak Super Junior comeback.

2. [+6,332, -446] I support you from the heart.

3. [+1,030, -81] Despite being the group leader, he was never afraid of ruining his image and worked hard on broadcast. He always prepared a lot to make viewers laugh… and because of that, so many people consoled him when he suffered tragedies. I believe that he’ll receive the support deserving of all that he’s given over the years. I’m sure his members must feel like brothers to him right now… so be happy!!! And if they do release an album in the future, I hope journalists don’t bother him with questions that hurt him.

4. [+504, -37] Leeteuk… do well, no matter what. Congratulations on your discharge.

5. [+498, -40] Suju’s different alright ㅋㅋ Such fun kids. I hope they take care of Leeteuk so that he’s comfortable.

6. [+444, -34] I feel sorry for Leeteuk… I’m sure even being discharged isn’t all that happy for him..

7. [+392, -18] Now it’s the other members that must enlist since Leeteuk’s back… if they relay it like this, Super Junior will be reunited in about 10 years.



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