Pann: +19 jokes at a concert

At Infinite’s concert, the members answered random questions from the fans.

Fan: “Who’s bigger – Sungjong oppa or Myungsoo oppa?”
Woohyun: “Hold on, which part are you asking about? We have to clarify this…”
Dongwoo: “I swear, Infinite all have it big.”

Fan: “When are you guys gonna open a +19 concert?”
Dongwoo: “Where is this fan? Let’s do it now”
*the members tries to undress Dongwoo

Fan: “Monkey’s butt is red~ Red is Sunggyu. Sunggyu is?”
Sunggyu: “So how am I supposed to react to this?”

Woohyun: “I know you guys all take photos even though it’s not allowed. I saw fans taking photos at area 1… I saw it on Twitter. I search ‘woohyun’ and check all the results. We all do it. I saw Sungyeol searching, too.”
Sungyeol: “But why don’t you guys post videos of me?”

Howon: “You guys know who Jungyeol hyung is, right? (Infinite’s manager) Please give him an applause. He got married recently and is expecting a baby.”
Sunggyu: “His wife is pregnant with the baby and the baby’s fetus name is “jagi”. “Gapjagi” (suddenly)
Sungyeol: “Because the baby happened suddenly ㅋㅋㅋ”

Woohyun: “I almost picked this one but I held back myself.”
Sunggyu: “What is it?”
Woohyun: “Sunggyu oppa, please grow your eyes”
Sungyeol: “Ugh, isn’t that your wish?”

Woohyun: “Hoya-ssi, your parents are here today”
Hoya: “Yes, my mom, hyung, aunt, and cousin are all here. Right before the concert, they texted me and asked where to park. Thanks. Today’s concert was fun, right?”
Fans: “Yes~~~”
Hoya: “I asked my mom”


1. [+99, -8] Hoya said something but it got ignored. Woohyun said, “Hoya-ssi, did you eat something?” and Hoya replied, “I bit my tongue… I almost died.”

2. [+96, -10] They’re very humane because it’s not just a fan-artist relationship but person-person relationship ㅎㅎ I love you Infinite

3. [+95, -12] Infinite doesn’t look like celebrities, they look like handsome oppas you see everywhere. I think what Sunggyu said is right – they’re all kind kids. Even if a celebrity is talented, their true self gets revealed from their attitude. Infinite, I love you guys!!



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