Lee Hong Ki who debuted 8 years ago “You have to endure and endure if you want to survive in entertainment industry…”

Lee Hong Ki’s tweet:

“I’m also terribly short-tempered but I endure and wait for the right timing. This is how you survive in the world and gain what you want. I debuted 8 years ago but I still can’t do all the things I want and I have to hold back. There will be more. But I hold back myself for what I want. With this post, calm your anger.”


1. [+719, -45] His company would’ve been nothing without FT Island and they wouldn’t have been able to produce CNBLUE and AOA. But they don’t release albums for FT Island and they don’t do media-play. Shouldn’t they be good to FT Island?

2. [+636, -13] FT Island’s peak was when they debuted. They got popular with their debut song Love Sick and their next song Thunder did well. They don’t have any songs that exceed Love Sick or Thunder

3. [+315, -92] Do you think celebrities are special? Do you think non-celebrities don’t hold back themselves?

4. [+39, -21] Next Sung Ji High School student, please

5. [+20, -12] ㅇㄷㅍㄱㄱ (tn: ???)

6. [+16, -8] Hong Ki-ya, try working at a factory with $18,000 annual income. At least you still have chances to hit daebak, non-celebrities don’t

7. [+13, -2] I don’t know anyone in the group except Lee Hong Ki. They’re like Lee Hong Ki and Kids



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