Red Velvet “Concept between Soshi and f(x)? We have our own color”

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+625, -104] The only color I see from you guys is SM. Had you been under a company too poor to afford media play, you would’ve been buried.

2. [+534, -123] If you have your own color, why take a team name that already exists?

3. [+515, -137] The song is seriously so idiotic

4. [+30, -19] Who is who? I finally understand what foreigners mean when they say they can’t tell Asians apart

5. [+29, -17] They look different when you see them on broadcast

6. [+26, -9] I like the song… Happiness ㅋㅋ To each their own

7. [+26, -5] When EXO first debuted, they weren’t popular and had to go back in quietly before coming back with a daebak song like ‘Growl’. At least when EXO wasn’t popular, there was hope that they’d do well if they were given the right song but I don’t get that feel at all with this group. I’m actually questioning SM on what they were thinking with this concept and marketing them as the next Soshi and f(x). They’re so average… I guess time will tell the next time they comeback whether they’ll be like EXO.

8. [+22, -7] Soshi also got a lot of hate when they first debuted.. over their team name, over looking all the same, over being ugly..

9. [+21, -8] Hate all you want, the group is going to do well ㅋㅋㅋ When SNSD, SHINee, f(x), and EXO all first debuted, comments were sure that they’d fail but they’re all doing fine

10. [+21, -13] They’re like f(x) with the bizarre lyrics and like SNSD with the girly image

11. [+19, -5] They’re closer to f(x) than SNSD and have a bubbly touch to them that makes their choreography, outfits, and song pop out~



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