Park Yoochun mentions TVXQ… “I hope we can grab soju together someday”

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+9,195, -828] I hope to see the five of them on stage together…

2. [+6,045, -394] Always supporting you, fighting!

3. [+4,793, -376] Hoping for a daebak for ‘Haemoo’~~

4. [+4,124, -384] Going to go see ‘Haemoo’ today in theaters

5. [+3,883, -363] ‘Haemoo’ sounds like it’ll be fun

6. [+1,024, -135] If the five were still together, TVXQ would’ve surpassed HOT… Look at their individual talent? Not one member lacks in the vocal , dance, acting, or looks department. They’re the best creation out of SM. What a shame.

7. [+910, -69] I doubt we’ll ever get another group like TVXQ…

8. [+880, -70] No current idol group can live up to TVXQ

9. [+808, -47] TVXQ debuted when idols were about to go out and blew life back into the idol market

10. [+789, -78] I’m sure they don’t have ill relationships with each other… They’ve known one another for so long. Just that it’s hard to make that contact… TVXQ moreso than JYJ. They fought with SM so much, it’d be difficult to avoid SM’s gaze.



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