Former SuJu member Hangeng, “Everything I earned was thanks to SM” confession

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+12,704, -806] But the fact remains that you still stabbed Soo Man in the back with those grateful feelings of yours;;

2. [+8,837, -520] Anyone trained under Soo Man usually don’t do well once they leave him

3. [+1,064, -59] ㅋㅋㅋ Kris five years later, “My popularity is thanks to EXO!”

4. [+870, -70] He’s working hard to sell that movie of his… You and Wu Yifan, don’t come to Korea

5. [+851, -64] What does he want after ignoring his members and throwing his fans away for his own personal gain? f(x) Victoria is amazing if you think about it. Always grateful for her fans, never forgets them, and works hard at all her given tasks.

6. [+813, -134] JYJ wouldn’t be here today if not for SM. Don’t live with so much hate. It’s because of SM that TVXQ succeeded and because of TVXQ that JYJ exists today. Forget all of the betrayal and whatnot and just focus on the paths chosen now. The industry’s small enough as it is.

7. [+723, -65] He goes through with everything and comes back so late to try and fix his image..

8. [+544, -44] Only now that his movie’s being released he says this;;; Koreans won’t be seeing a movie with you and Wu Yifan in it

9. [+532, -36] Sucking up now that his Korean-Chinese movie is about to be released



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