WINNER Already Has An Official Fandom Name

Source: Instiz


[1] Really??? Really?????

[2] How do you pronounce it…

[3] It’s hard to say but I’m jealous that they already have their own fandom name.

[4] Wow, the meaning is actually very nice.

[5] Why such a difficult name? However, it’s pretty.

[6] Oh….. we can work with it…. Inner Circle… EXO-L…. Sigh…

[7] Congratulations Winner!

[8] They picked a good name.

[9] Hello everyone, I’m an Inner Circle~~~

[10] At first, I wasn’t so sure about it but now I think it’s a really pretty name.

[11] It matches their name too. W-inner Circle. Wow.

[12] The logo looks like it’s for a high-end brand. So pretty. Then, are we going to be called I-sseos?
(T/N: 이써, shortened form taken from 이너써클)

[13] It’s really cool. All of YG’s fandom names are great. VIP, Blackjack, and now Inner Circle.

[14] Classy.

[15] Their fandom name is really pretty.

[16] Inner Circles, are you all here? Sorry, I had to. ㅋㅋ
(T/N: The shortened form ‘I-sseo/이써’ and the word isseo/있어 sound the same except spelled differently.)

[17] If you put the W with Inner Circle, it becomes Winner Circle. I love the meaning.

[18] Fandom names these days are getting so difficult.

[19] The name sounds like a high-end brand.

[20] Oh~ I can’t wait to see their light stick too! YG’s light sticks are really nice… Big Bang’s light stick is really pretty. Sometimes I just turn it on and stare at how nice it looks ㅋㅋ



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