[Naver: Sports Donga] SNSD Yuri, barefaced+sexy rider look…eye catching!

1. [+1024, -78] Yuri seems to have a body type where if she does not take good care of it, she gains weight easily.. people with that body type seem to tirelessly maintain their figure…pitiful

2. [+901, -130] That’s Yuri?? What’s with her face…got flat…and chubby too..

3. [+862, -129] I wonder who Yuri is dating?

4. [+754, -169] Really pitiful seeing her always using English incorrectly

5. [+754, -169] That’s Yuri?Thought it was a regular person;;;;;;

6. [+556, -82] Is her face swollen…?

7. [+467, -62] Exercising with boob pads..I know that wellㅜㅜ



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