Pann: Comparing Sulli and Choiza

Sulli: 20 years old, in charge of visual, nation’s little sister

Choiza: in his mid-30s, gentle-looking, hip-hop musician


1. [+219, -46] Since when Sulli the nation’s little sister? Such bullcrap

2. [+205, -1] Aigo, it’s meaningless

3. [+191, -43] People might think Choiza is a trashy thief who makes fun of his girlfriend, but Choiza is Dynamic Duo, rich, and talented. I never thought he’s not good enough for her except the age gap.

4. [+78, -54] Choiza is too good for her

5. [+39, -10] Choiza’s popularity is not losing to Sulli’s. Don’t you guys know Dynamic Duo? I guess it’s because the fans are young. The only problem is the age gap. Choiza is not considered ugly and his family is rich. What’s more important is that even though people are saying that Sulli is too good for him, she seems to like Choiza a lot ㅋㅋㅋ They like each other so nothing matters



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