Pann: Am I the only one who finds Sulli and SM weird?

1. [+95, -3] EXO took a long time to release their teasers but Red Velvet looked like their debut was rushed… I think SM quickly released the girl group to cover Sulli’s issue

2. [+85, -7] F(x) fans waited so long for this but Sulli ruined everything. Sulli, you need to apologize

3. [+77, -2] There’s a rumored picture of Sulli and Choiza at a beach. It’s not confirmed but people think it’s true… So I don’t think it’s about the hateful comments Sulli’s been getting. I even think she decided to run away. Honestly I like Sulli, too, and with the new album, I noticed that the praises for Sulli increased a lot. Best replies on Naver were all praising her looks… and I’ve never seen a comment that sexually insulted her, except the screencaps

4. [+26, -0] Honestly I’m an f(x) fan but I’m mad with this incident. I’m not Sulli so I don’t know if she’s truly exhausted but she should have the basic manners at least. The members said that they would interact with the fans a lot with this album and they were planning on releasing a repackaged album. But she messed up everything, she should be responsible for it. Until when do we have to baby her and treat her as if she’s underage? And she knows better that f(x) doesn’t release albums that often, it doesn’t make sense that she can’t wait for just a month. Even though her original dream was an actress, she’s an idol now. She’s not an actress Choi Jinri, she’s f(x) Sulli and she should act like it. The stage is a place that a lot of people dream to be on but she ditched it with the excuse of being mentally tired, it’s still pissing me off.

5. [+22, -1] But would they really debut a new group just because of Sulli?

6. [+21, -1] F(x) members are always suffering because of Sulli…



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