[Naver: My Daily] ‘Real Men’ Female Soldier Special

1. [+5982, -125] Looking forward to Ra Miran unni

2. [+4938, -415] Hyeri……really worried

3. [+4474, -113] Looking forward to Kim Soyeon and Park Seunghi too~ ㅋㅋThe casting is better than I thought

4. [+3606, -957] If Song Gayeon goes she would do well

5. [+3343, -889] What’s with this female army special. It’s going to fail.

6. [+629, -37] Take out the idols and put Lee Gukjoo in

7. [+480, -16] Looking forward to Kim Soyeon…Ra Miran is daebak…….G.NA will probably be the female version of Sam Hammington

8. [+457, -38] Take off Hyeri and G.NA. The soldiers will be all giddy and slack off in military training. They need to be ugly for them to be working harder.

9. [+440, -28] Jun Hyebin should come on here

10. [+405, -42] Ah I can’t do it ㅠㅠ It’s obvious they will whine like that…



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