Rookie Kemy releases YG Park Bom diss track

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+197, -38] She really got straight to the point but for a rookie to release a diss track as strong as this makes me suspect noise marketing

2. [+126, -33] Well you’re using Park Bom’s name to market yourself so I don’t really see you as any better

3. [+110, -13] Don’t surprise YG

4. [+30, -22] Looks like a desperate ploy to get popular. You don’t look that cool because your intentions are so obvious.

5. [+17, -8] Wow, gets straight to the point.

6. [+16, -15] She’s a crazy teen who’s just using this opportunity to hate on Park Bom and get fame off of it since everyone else is

7. [+13, -2] YG can’t even say anything even while getting dissed ㅋㅋ They’ve done nothing good to fire back ㅋㅋ They’re being used by a rookie for marketing and are made a joke out of by her

8. [+11, -6] It just seems like a song for promotional purposes and attention. Get popular off of your skill;

9. [+9, -5] Call it noise marketing but her disses are right and refreshing. I think it’s cool she’s willing to risk going against YG like this.

10. [+5, -2] Sure you can get popular off of noise marketing but how long do you think your company last up against YG…



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