[Naver->OSEN] ‘Real Men’ Kim Sooro: Henry needs to learn “social ranking relationships”

1. [+14479, -1315] It’s not Henry’s fault. It’s the staff’s fault. Henry’s not even fully familiar with Korean culture but to throw him in the army where it’s a strongly culture driven place.. I’m just saying that the staff should’ve known the extent to which Henry would have gotten bashed at.

2. [+10905, -629] I like Henry and his bright personality!!^^ Because of Henry I’m watching more (Real Men)..I’m worried that his feelings will get hurtㅠㅠ..but hopefully he will listen to Kim Sooro’s words..! ㅎㅎAlways love his bright and fun personality ㅋㅋ

3. [+9099, -731] I like Henry’s innocence thoughㅠㅠ Hope he didn’t get too intimidated~~

4. [+8624, -442] Henry…Korean way of living is hard and tiring right?? I’m tired too. But your effort shows and it seems like you are improving

5. [+7206, -676] I just wish he had learned some manners. He’s nice thoughㅠ

6. [+1310, -104] Kim Sooro said the right thing but I feel bad for Henry… how hard it must be to quickly correct your lifestyle of 20 years~

7. [+1460, -154] This is why I think Korea’s society lacks creativity. Must we, from the beginning be so wary of everything.

8. [+1347, -82] Our country’s adults look so serious when they aren’t talking so I like someone like Henry who always seems so happy even when he’s staying still!! Henry looked sad today but don’t lose your energy, hwaiting~

9. [+918, -65] Henry hwaiting

10. [+881, -96] Please don’t take it to heartㅠㅠMistakes like that are bound to happen since you’re not Korean, you can just learn from your mistakes. Don’t be hurt by the comments. I’ll look forward to seeing you♥♥♥♥♥Henry jjang jjang man



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