big bang

Instiz: ‘There Can’t Be A Second G-Dragon In YG’

[1] Wow… I remember this ㅠㅠ Every kid knew the lyrics to this. Even now people get crazy when they hear this song play.

[2] This was my ringtone for the longest time I could remember. I listened to it until I got sick of it.

[3] There can’t be a second G-Dragon… period. (+18 Agree)

[4] No one can be like him.

[5] There will only be one G-Dragon.

[6] Sometimes I wonder what GD would have become if he didn’t pursue a career as a celebrity.

[7] I stared blankly at my screen when this MV came out. GD’s beauty was overflowing then.

[8] He’s a legend.

[9] I haven’t listened to this in a while and now I’m getting all pumped up in front of my keyboard ㅠ.ㅠ Please release another song~

[10] I watched this with my family back then. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[11] Didn’t his Heartbreaker stage break the viewer ratings record for Inkigayo?

[12] Memory lane……

[13] It’s been so long.



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