SM vs YG a competition of pride… Red Velvet and Winner are to debut on August


1. [+615, -54] Kangin gusok (jail) vs Park Bom gusok. This is more interesting

2. [+472, -52] YG needs to imprison Park Bom first

3. [+301, -48] They all look the same

4. [+38, -38] They’re even copying a group name!

5. [+31, -9] YG is again media-playing using SM. Just imprison Park Drugs

6. [+31, -35] I read an article that Red Velvet was the same name of an indie band. Is Red Velvet gonna debut with the name? Are they just gonna push it forward?

7. [+30, -22] YG didn’t even fucking report about Park Bom’s case and is promoting Winner… If they’re not gonna re-investigate Park Bom, I won’t listen to YG music. These days, the quality of underground hiphop music is really good so I don’t even need to listen to YG



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