SM choreographer Shim Jae Won calls out a rookie group

Shim Jae Won: “I read an interview of a rookie group by chance. You’re dead if you talk a bull…”


Q: “The choreography of ‘Party Rock’ is accused to be a plagiarism.”

Sungjoon: “We felt frustrated. It isn’t plagiarized but people are saying it is. The dance was used by every underground dancer.”

“On the stage, an EXO sunbae called us. We thought “ah, this has come” and were giving up, but he asked “who made the dance break part?” He praised us and said the quality of the choreography was high.”


– Boys Republic copied Shinee’s Sherlock choreography and they lied that they got the dance from underground industry

– Do they even know how much Sherlock choreography cost??

– I think EXO warned them silently because they can’t just scold them right in their face

– Sherlock choreography was the most expensive one from SM, how is this a common dance from underground music???

– My precious Tony Testa (sobs)



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