Pann: The reason why Yoona sobbed in Thailand?

“Look at us, Yoona”



1. [+200, -11] Her face and talents aside, Yoona has a good attitude at formal events like this. She smiles without showing her tiredness and she doesn’t make mistakes or disturbing behavior. She deserves praises for this

2. [+123, -12] I felt that Yoona reads a lot of fans’ stuff when I heard what she said at the fan meeting. We don’t know which sites she reads but Sones are everywhere anyways… I hope Yoona only listens to good stuff, she deserves it

3. [+116, -11] So pretty

4. [+62, -5] She got to where she is because she’s pretty and she’s got good personalities. It’s cool how she’s always promoting well despite her long career!

5. [+58, -9] She must’ve gotten so many events but she’s still touched with the event, she looks so pretty. I don’t understand why people bash her with plastic surgery… Yoona never denied plastic surgery and she never said she’s the top idol. Please don’t bash an innocent kid

6. [+50, -25] Freaking pretty ㅋㅋㅋ It’s not even enough to call her pretty

7. [+49, -3] She’s getting love from the public, she’s earning a lot of money, and she’s pretty. I envy her

8. [+48, -3] Honestly I think she’s the prettiest celebrity I’ve seen. She also has a beautiful heart… Yoona, this is why I like you…

9. [+40, -36] What do you mean she faked crying to renew her contract? All nine members renewed theirs



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