Pann: SM’s new girl group “Red Velvet”

1. [+870, -69] Hello, I’m a member of a band called Red Velvet who released a digital single in 2013 titled “The Day After Break Up”. After releasing our single last year, we have been performing around Hongdae while preparing for our next album. I was really surprised to hear that a girl group with the same name as us would be debuting. I doubt that SM didn’t check digital sites to see if any other group had the name ‘Red Velvet’ before naming their group that. We are an indie band with no power and I believe if SM continues with this girl group debut, it will be more difficult for us to continue promoting… We are now only setting our foot forward and we really love our group name. We really hope to promote our team under this name. Please help us.

2. [+206, -23] They all look the same.

3. [+155, -36] I don’t think they’ll get popular. They’re like Ladies Code level? Except Ladies Code has more charms. I’ll still look forward to it.

4. [+86, -3] There’s already an indie band named Red Velvet. They’re a duo group comprised of Kim Yoona and Ha Heesoo… definitely not the same members of SM’s new girl group Red Velvet.

5. [+44, -2] Doesn’t matter what people think now because it’ll only take a bit of time before people are praising them, saying definitely SM.



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