“Help us”… original Red Velvet clarifies

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,301, -44] I’ve heard cases of different group members sharing the same name but not an actual group name. I doubt SM didn’t check up on this before naming their group.

2. [+1,121, -40] It’s barely been a full year since that group debuted with that name. SM should just change their name.

3. [+948, -35] SM needs to either buy the rights to the name or change their name

4. [+94, -27] This is SM’s fault…

5. [+87, -12] The original Red Velvet doesn’t get any promotion out of this. The more famous the SM girl group becomes, the more difficult it will be for the indie duo to promote under that name. In Korea, the more popular one becomes the original and the real thing.

6. [+85, -13] Did they just skip over them because they’re indie? If not, SM should change their name.

7. [+47, -9] Isn’t Red Velvet the name of a cake…

8. [+43, -14] SM should change their name to Blue Velvet

9. [+40, -4] I bet Red Velvet didn’t copright the name… Who would look up a name on a music site first? They’d probably search it up on a copyright list… If they didn’t copyright it, they don’t own the name..;;;

10. [+40, -4] That album was only searchable on Naver since yesterday. Before then, if you searched Red Velvet, their group name and album never came up.



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