Girl group skin exposure, now debuting in just lingerie

Girl group 4L (Four Ladies) debuted with a teaser video alluding to lesbian acts.

“Wow… actual underwear… going a bit too far here.”


“This is wrong..”

“Hul… I hope it doesn’t work out for them, this is getting out of hand..”

“Are you sure it’s not a lingerie pictorial…”

“I feel bad for girl groups.. They have to expose more skin and go with more sexual images to get the public’s attention… I doubt they want this 100% for themselvesㅠ”

“But they have to do all of that for the public to even care, that’s the reality of our country’s industry… What a shame..”

“Could be the one thing that prevents them from getting popular.”

“Can they even get on broadcast?”

“Doubt they’ll be allowed to perform on music shows..”

“Stellar was plenty shocking enough…”

“I’m sure they didn’t become singers to do concepts like these…”



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