Taemin to make a solo debut next month

Article: [Exclusive] SHINee Taemin to make solo debut in August… finalizing his work

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+356, -70] Taemin is proof that pure effort can help you acheive anything you want. He started off as someone who couldn’t sing so well to someone who now releases solo albums. Fighting to Taemin for working so hard in between! Looking forward to the album.

2. [+312, -64] I’m sure anyone who still thinks of Taemin as the group’s dancer would be surprised upon hearing the news but he’s recently picked up on his vocals if you listen to him sing. I was surprised at how many main parts Taemin sang ㅎㅎ Considering his recent passion + talent and actual desire to improve, I think it’s an album worth looking forward to.

3. [+153, -31] Taemin’s a great singer ㅎㅎ It’s been a while but I thought he was an emotional singer when i saw him on Immortal Song.

Source: Naver

1. [+7,520, -336] A positive example of an idol who continues to improve ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+5,831, -387] Surprised that it’s not a Jonghyun solo but a Taemin solo

3. [+4,295, -290] Eh? Isn’t SM releasing a girl group too? Overlapping promotions?

4. [+4,215, -289] Looking forward to it because he’s perfect in both singing and dance. Fighting!!

5. [+1,390, -51] He barely had any lines when he first debuted but he’s improved to the point where he’s now in charge of the high notes. I remember being surprised when I first heard him. I like how he strives to improve all the time so work hard.

6. [+1,090, -51] Taemin’s singing was originally on Sohee’s level but now he’d slap any main vocalist out of the water if he joined a different group

7. [+990, -38] I always thought Taemin was a bad singer but he handled all of the high notes on stage without Jonghyun… He’d be a main vocalist in any other group. And of course, his dancing doesn’t need any words.

8. [+973, -32] He’s always been known for his dancing than his singing… but he’s now a main vocalist.



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